My Dalmatian Is Pregnant! How To Prepare For Newborn Puppies?

Are you also freaking out after hearing the news of your canine being pregnant?

We agree that taking care of your pup while she is expecting adorable puppies isn’t an easy task. There are a lot of things to be managed and taken care of. You need to take care of your Pregnant Dalmatian and make adequate space in your home to welcome newborn puppies. We recommend if you need a gift or toy for a Dalmatian owner or an expecting Dalmatian owner who is eagerly awaiting new puppies.

It is crucial for your canine to feel comfortable and relaxed before giving birth. Therefore, you need to look after the mama along with preparing for adorable little infant fidos.

I understand that you’re stressing out and are unaware of preparing for new babies. It is completely normal to worry about your loyal canine.

Don’t you know where to start from and how to get it all prepped up?

There is no need to get upset over it!

We’ve got you covered!

Let’s explore ways to take care of your pregnant Dalmatian and figure out how to make preparations for newborn pups together. 

Essential Information You Need To Know About Your Pregnant Puppy!

All dogs are pregnant for approximately two months. It is difficult to predict the time of delivery for your Dalmatian.  In most cases, the date of breeding and conception is different. Moreover, the length of pregnancy also differs from one puppy to another.

By the end of the first month of pregnancy, the veterinarian will detect the fetal heartbeat. During the second month, the development of little pups is speeding up, and you’ll be able to see recognizable puppies. Your canine will be ready to give birth after the end of the second month or towards the start of the third month.

Is Your Dog Pregnant?

Dogs don’t have access to home-based pregnancy tests; they need to have proper diagnostic testing to confirm their pregnancy.

What Kind Of Tests Should You Use?

There are numerous tests to figure out if your dog is pregnant or not. Some of the most accurate ones are highlighted below:

  1. Abdominal Palpation
  2. Ultrasound
  3. Hormonal Tests
  4. X-rays

 5 Most Common Signs of Pregnancy

Before deciding to get your Dalmatian tested, there are numerous signs that you should look for to determine if she is pregnant. Some of the most common symptoms are mentioned below:

  1. Increased appetite
  2. Swollen belly
  3. Gets tired after small activities
  4. More affectionate
  5. Gets irritated

How To Take Care of Your Pregnant Dalmatian?

Your Adorable Dalmatian needs extra care and love from you when she is expecting. There are different steps that you need to consider for her well-being.

Proper Nutrition: It is essential to shift to good quality and healthy dog food.  Moreover, when your pooch’s weight starts to increase, you have to increase the food intake.

Regular Exercise: It is suggested that during the first few weeks, the exercise should be limited. However, when the belly of your four-legged Dalmatian has enlarged, it is crucial to get her in the routine of everyday activities. Veterinarians also advise taking your pooch for frequent walks during this course.

Regular Checkups: She needs to receive all the necessary vaccinations during this sensitive period. Routine checkups will ensure the physical wellness of your furball. It is essential to discuss the expected time and type of delivery with the veterinarian in advance. It’ll help you to plan and prepare accordingly.

Your four-legged pal needs to be taken care of. A healthy Dalmatian will ensure the physical well-being of those beautiful small puppies that are all set to enter this world.

How To Prepare For Newborn Puppies?

As the end of your dog’s pregnancy approaches, you’ll see significant changes in her body. These changes will include enlarged breasts and nipples, swaying while walking, and increased abdominal size. It is the time when you’ll need to start preparing for the newborn puppies. Ideally, the owner should start preparing two weeks before to make the entire whelping process easier.

There are different steps you need to take to get all prepped up. Some of these are mentioned below:

  1. Visit The Vet

It is necessary to make an appointment with the vet at least a week before your Dalmatian’s due date. It will allow you to see how many puppies are about to get delivered and help you to plan resources accordingly. Moreover, the veterinarian will also inform you in case of any complications.

  1. Check Her Temperature

The average temperature of your puppy will be between 100 to 102.5. Approximately 36 hours before the delivery, the temperature will drop to 99. It will help you to ensure the exact time of the delivery.

  1. Get Your Dalmatian All Ready!

It is recommended that you shower the mama with warm water a week before the due date. You should also trim her hair, especially around the mammary glands and her nipples. It will ensure the cleanliness of your furball and will also help her to nurse her babies properly.

  1. Set up The Whelping Box

You need to set up their Whelping box beforehand and introduce it to the Dalmatian mommy. The box has to be large enough for your puppy to fit in along with her babies easily. The container should have to set up in a dark and quiet place. You must make this box comfortable for your canid as she will deliver and clean her babies here.

  1.  Check All The Supplies

All necessary supplies are to be bought and made accessible beforehand. It will help reduce trips made to the store and allow you to stay with the mommy at the time of delivery. Supplies such as heating lamps and cleaning sheets are to be bought.

  1. Take Care Of The Newly Born!

You must leave puppies to bond with their mom for the first 4-5 days. You also have to ensure that the adorable little furballs are kept warm and well-fed. There is also a need for you to weigh them regularly to ensure average growth.

Expecting new babies at your home is exciting and stressful at the same time. You must provide good care to both the mother and her pups.

Also, your responsibilities have just begun. Now, you need to train and take care of more puppies.

Remember, a healthy mother delivers a healthy pup!

Happy Parenting!