Pet Ferret Toys

This is Why You Should Buy Your Pet Ferret Toys

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23. Jun 2019
Pet Ferret Toys

Ferret toys are a great addition to your ferret's home environment. They stimulate their minds and keep them occupied when you can't be there devoting "floor time" to them. Still, you can't just throw any old thing into your ferret's cage and cut them loose on it. If the toys they are given are unsafe, you could end up dealing with a very sick ferret and an expensive vet bill. You are much better off making sure that the ferret toys you choose are safe from the beginning. Keep on reading, and be sure to check out this list of highly rated ferret toys for your fuzzy!

Choose the Right Toys for Your Pet Ferret

Ferrets can sleep a lot, but when they are awake, they LOVE to play! It is a good idea to make sure that your ferret has plenty of safe ferret toys to play with when he's feeling playful. There are many different types of toys available for ferret owners to choose from, but you should always make certain that whatever you choose is safe for your pet.

Ferret toys should be made of materials that are resistant to your ferret's teeth and claws. They should not be allowed to play with things that can be chewed up and swallowed by accident. Soft plastic squeaky toys are cute, but could be very dangerous to your pet ferret. Ferrets who swallow pieces of these toys can end up with blockages in their digestive tract that can be very dangerous.

What Can My Ferret Play With?

Finding safe toys for your pet ferret
Good items for a ferret to play with would include hard rubber or hard plastic toys and balls. Softer toys should be resistant to chewing and watched closely for signs of wear. Any toy that looks as though it has been damaged deserves your attention so that your pet does not swallow any of it. Ferrets have a more difficult time passing these "non-food" items through their systems than larger pets do. The safest bet is to never let them swallow pieces of toys in the first place.

Ferrets like to gather "stuff" whether it is yours or theirs. Giving them some toys of their own can help to satisfy their desire for interesting things and keep them away from items that they shouldn't be allowed to have. Before purchasing any ferret toy, check with the seller to ensure that it is safe for ferrets to play with and that it is designed for ferret use (if the information isn't included in the description).

Toys for the most fun loving creatures under the sun, our ferrets.

Ferrets are the most playful and mischievous animals around. They are fun loving and affectionate. When it is time to get them out of the cage to play, look out! Our ferrets take off in different directions, looking for fun and trouble. We really enjoy watching them play. They not only have fun with toys we purchased for them, but other items they find around the house.

About Ferrets
Ferrets have been domesticated for hundreds of years. Originally, ferrets were used as hunting animals to catch rabbits and rodents. They didn't kill the animals, they just chased them into their holes, so hunters could kill them. Currently, this practice is illegal in the United States and Canada, but is still popular in the UK. Ferrets are the cousins of the weasels and otters. The range in weight from one to five pounds. The average life span of a ferret is six to nine years, with some making it past ten years of age. Ferrets are smart, funny friends, and loving and they make excellent pets. They are quiet pets, and they are very easy to care for. Ferrets love to play and they are very playful with each other and humans. They are incredibly entertaining. They are known for their natural curiosity and mischievous behavior. While they live in a cage, they do require play time on a daily basis. They love to play with toys and explore.

Burn some energy
For their own safety, ferrets should be in a cage when they are not supervised. They do have a lot of energy that will need to be burned on a daily basis. You will need to set time aside on a daily basis to allow your ferrets to run around the house and burn off some of that energy supply. Several hours per day is what is recommended for running time outside of their cages. We let our ferrets out for about one hour in the morning and another hour or two in the evening. Once they are placed back inside their cage they pass out. They will sleep hard for hours after they have had their play time. Toys are a fun way for ferrets to play and burn off some of their energy.

Ferret proof your home
Some ferrets will chew on cords and other items around the home, so they should be supervised. Here are a few other things to look for when ferret proofing your home.

Openings - Ferrets can squeeze through small openings. Don't underestimate these little buggers. Crawl around on the floor and look for small openings under your cabinets. Our little guy found a small opening and loved running under our kitchen cabinets, until daddy blocked his escape spot. Check the furnace ducts and make sure the vents are small enough that your ferret can not squeeze through.

Cabinets - If your ferret is really curious, he may try to get into your kitchen cupboards. A strong strip of velcro should keep them out.

Furniture - Watch recliners and rockers. Ferrets are quiet and can easily be crushed by a rocker or recliner.

Water - Be sure to watch buckets of water, which may drown a ferret. Sinks, tubs and toilets should also be watched. We find it best to close our bathroom door when our little guys are running around the house. Their favorite place is the bathroom garbage can. This is where we can find them, if we forget to close the bathroom door.

Stuffed animals & toys
Stuffed toys are some of our ferrets favorite toys, especially if they have squeakers! They love to run and hide their toys. We pull them out of their hiding place and they will run back and forth hiding all of their toys again. This is great for helping them burn off some energy.

Fun around the house
Ferrets will have fun with whatever you give them. But, be careful, because they will also take your belongings if you leave them laying around the house. Ferrets love stuffed animals, but make sure they are on the small side. Most ferrets are about one to five pounds, so they will need ferret sized toys. We purchased a baby pool and filled it with plastic Easter eggs. This is one of their favorite toys, a ferret sized ball pit. Our little rascals spend hours in their ball pit every week. Ping pong balls are also very fun for ferrets. They cannot pick them up, but have tons of fun pushing them around the house with their little noses.

Mango with his plastic Easter eggs
Plastic Easter eggs are inexpensive and ferrets LOVE them! Our ferrets will chase them around the house with their little noses. It's fun for us to watch, because they are so sure they are going to pick the egg up and run to hide it, but it's too big and they can only push it around with their noses. While our ferrets have fun with their plastic Easter eggs in their kiddie pool, they have just as much fun if we throw a few of them on the floor for them to chase around the house.

Toys with noise
There are a lot of great toys you can purchase for your ferrets. They are playful creatures, so they love just about anything you give them. This is our Sprinkles with her favorite palm tree. It has crinkle fabric, which is fun for ferrets. Ferrets love toys that make crinkle noises, or jingle bell noises.

Snickers in his Pet FerreTrail Funnel playground
Snickers has a lot of fun with this tunnel playground. He is the baby of the group, so he has endless energy. He loves to chase his siblings and wrestle. We have a lot of fun watching our little rascals chase each other through these tunnels!

Super Pet FerreTrail Fun-nel Playground Tube Kit
The Super Pet FerreTrail Fun-nel playground is a fun afternoon for our frisky little ferrets. They love to run, hide and chase each other through this fun tunnel system. The pieces to this tunnel set come apart and can be put together many different ways. Our ferrets got this toy for Christmas 2010 and they still use it daily. They have just as much fun with it now, as they did the day they got it.

Marshall Ferret Super Thru-Way
Our ferret Super Thru-Way is fun for all of our ferrets. They love to run through the large see through tunnel. It's really funny when one goes in one of the open sides, and another ferrets goes in the opposite side and they meet in the middle. One of the ferrets finally gives up and squirms their way backwards to get out of the tunnel.

Ferret/Cat condos
Our ferrets love the cat towers. They have a great time climbing up and down our three story cat tower. The love it when they run by and see one of their buddies inside the cat tower. It's fun to watch them chase each other up and down the levels and poke the heads out of all of the different levels. Some of these condos are made specifically for ferrets and some for cats. We have the three story condo and our ferrets have a great time with it. The openings of the cat condos are a little larger, so you can see your ferret playing inside.

Kitty City
Sometimes we shop in the cat toys for our ferrets. Our ferrets love the Kitty City line of towers and cubes. The ferrets love to run through these cubes and chase each other. The bottom cube is one of the boys favorite places to wrestle.

Cat Kitty Peek-a-boo Passage
The Kitty City is put together with plastic poles and connectors. You can easily take it down for compact storage. We keep ours put together in the basement and bring it upstairs, so the ferrets can play.

Chaser toys
Ferrets love to chase toys. We love to watch our ferrets chase their toys!

Safe play
Ferrets are know for getting into trouble. Their curious little minds take them to all of the places they should not be. If you want to let them out of their cage for some playtime, but cannot keep an eye on them, you will want to put them in a play yard, so they are safe.

Hence, as a Ferret Enthusiast, it is my goal to see that all Ferrets are properly cared for, so I’d like to share my knowledge with you, free of charge. . So please take your time and feel free to browse around, or sign-up for the mini-course on the basics of Ferret care. Your little friends will surely love you for it.
Care & Training
Having a pet ferret is a rewarding challenge. They need baths, litter cleaning and they need play time. As a ferret owner there are few things you need to understand.
Owning a ferret is one of the most rewarding experiences you will encounter! These little fuzz balls will provide you with unconditional love, and all they ask for in return from their human parents is to be treated responsibly and with respect.
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