Two Ferrets to Good Home Under $100
Fort Collins, Colorado

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 April 25, 2019 
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It breaks me to accomplish this but I'm needing a property because of these guys.

The ginger colored one we call Kilala, she's 3, very petite and feels very bony. We took her in as being a foster when she was starved to the brink of death by her previous owner(had to syringe feed her for 3 days), wound up keeping her for a year, now and she just stays small and bony. She's very sweet LOVES to cuddle and is also very calm. She doesn't play quite definitely, and would prefer to cuddle up and take a nap with you.

The white boy is Sitka, he's 2. He's crazy and rambunctious. He wants to play and run. He loves roughousing. He could be waardy, which is either hard of hearing or deaf, but doesn't have a other difficulties and doesn't bite or play super hard like some do.

Them have already been living together for any year now, and do amazingly to ferrets and animals every time they meet them.

These are litter educated to SoPhresh pelleted paper litter.

They are imprinted on both Kibble and Raw, Raw being the better choice, but kibble being acceptable. My kibble associated with preference is Nulo Cat and Kitten (exclusively sold at PetSmart). They gladly eat chicken, turkey, and beef meat and organs, have experience eating pinkie mice, and definately will eat fish such as the particularly enjoy it.

If you be a novice to ferrets and wish to get this option that's fine beside me, I can provide you with every piece of information you will need on them and how to keep them happy and healthy!

Asking a $75 rehoming fee

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